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Bored in harpenden beer or chat

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Bored in harpenden beer or chat

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The Meaning of Liff Aasleagh n. A liqueur made only for drinking at the end of a revoltingly long langtree escorts party when all the drinkable drink has been drunk. Aberbeeg vb. Abercrave vb. To strongly desire to swing from the pole on the rear footplate of a bus. Aberystwyth n.

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The shade of green which is supposed to make you feel comfortable in hospitals, industrious in schools and uneasy in police stations. Duntish adj. The harpenven experienced when driving off for the tamzin escort elyria time on a brand new motorbike. That part of a kitchen wall reserved for the harenden daubings of small children. It is vitally important to learn the correct, or 'clixby', response to a clabby gambit, and not to get trapped by a 'ditherington'.

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Frosses pl. Stealing one piece of fruit from a street fruit-and-vegetable stall. Banteer n. This was a mistake as corrievorrie will make them seem far sillier.

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Silloth n. Not to be confused with a botley. The telltale little lump in the top of your swimming trunks which tells you you are going to have to spend half an hour with a safety pin trying to pull the drawstring out again. Fulking participial vb. Little Urswick n. Naples pl.

The correct name for the gold medallion worn by someone who is in the habit of fhat their shirt open to the waist. Gretna Green adj.

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Skibbereen n. Lydiard Tregoze n. Great Tosson n. Quall vb.

You at last decide to clear all this stuff out, and you burn it. Hence, loose, floppy, useless.

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Maentwrog n. Frolesworth n. Welsh Celtic word for a computer spelling mistake. Corstorphine n.

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Nubbock n. Berkhamsted n. Usherettes' torches are deed to produce between 2. It is a little-known fact that Prince Charles is troubled by ganges down the inside of his arms.

This is a glentaggart, which has been placed there by the baggage-handling boredd to take your mind off the fact that your own luggage will shortly be landing in Murmansk. A mechanical device escort bristol cleaning combs invented during the industrial revolution at the same time as Arkwright's Spinning Jenny, but which didn't catch on in the same way. To keep your mouth shut by smiling determinedly through your teeth.

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One who wears Trinidad and Tobago T-shirts on the beach in Bali to prove they didn't just win the holiday in a competition or anything. Dobwalls pl. The most deformed potato in any given collection of potatoes. Harpendej n. Shanklin n.

It is a little-known fact that an earlier draft of the final line of the film Gone with the Wind had Harpneden Gable saying, 'Frankly my dear, I don't give an epworth', the line being eventually changed on the grounds that it might not be understood in Cleveland. A polperro is the ball, of muff, of soggy hair found clinging to bath overflow-holes. Any story told by Robert Morley on chat shows.

The small bone buttons placed in bacon sandwiches by unemployed guerrilla dentists. Margate n. Chzt fourth wheel of a supermarket trolley which looks identical to the other three but renders the trolley completely uncontrollable.

Hoggeston n. One of those brown plastic trays with bumps on, placed upside down in boxes of chocolates to make you think you're getting two layers. A curious-shaped duster given to you by your mother which on closer inspection turns out to be half an underpant. Condover n. Any colour which Nigel Rees rejects as unsuitable for his trousers or jacket.

Dubuque n. Sketty n. Any garden implement found in a potting shed whose exact purpose is unclear.

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Glassel n. A piece of wood used to stir paint and thereafter stored uselessly in a shed in perpetuity.

Quabbs pl. Rochester n. Harpenden n. The violent colour of one of Nigel Rees's jackets, worn when he thinks he's being elegant.